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Episode 34 – Tapping Yourself Out of Pain

Show Notes

Sharon Smith has been in the business of helping people release physical and emotional pain using mind body techniques, notably, Emotional Freedom Technique (aka Tapping), since 2005.  What she discovered following her own back injury is that pain is actually a finely calibrated information system in the body and it is trying to communicate some important things about our bodies and our lives. Listen to us talk about the technique then hear her do a live session with host, Josie Dovidio!

Visit her website: A Pain Plan and click any of the buttons there to subscribe and get immediate access to two great videos: 1. Guided Visualization to “see” what’s under your pain. 2. a video to teach you how to use tapping to release what you have “under” your pain.

See her work on YouTube: A Pain Plan

Listen here:

As for you and me – Let’s Hang Out!

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