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Episode 12 – How Technology Changed Humanity

Show Notes

Guest Hillary Wilkinson is a wife, mom, educator and co-founder of Healthy Screen Habits, a non-profit organization that works with community leaders to educate and empower families to create healthy habits for screen use. The organization helps families establish healthy screen habits through raising awareness, providing tools, and creating change. 

In this episode, Hillary and I discuss how technology has changed humanity and what studies are showing about it’s affect on our brains and human development.

This is information we all should be aware of so we can be mindful in the use of technology so that it is helpful to us instead of harmful to our families and society in general.

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The Boston Globe Photo mentioned in the episode
taken by Boston Globe photographer John Blanding

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Books Mentioned in Episode 12

Healthy Screen Habits Resources

Guide your family through difficult conversations and create your own personalized “Family Technology Plan.” Every family is different so the choices you make regarding technology use will be specific to your family.

Find out how to create more balance in the way you and your family use technology by downloading Healthy Screen Habits’ FREE Healthy Screen Habits Tech Tips.

Other Resources

Google Family Link – if your family is a mix of iPhones and Android Phones the Family Link app lets you set digital ground rules to help guide them as they learn, play, and explore online.

How to Videos

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