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Episode 10 – The Mindset of Weight Loss

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Show Notes

Kezia Thomas is a weight loss and emotional eating coach, who shows busy women how to lose weight and keep it off so that they can feel confident to stand up and get fully visible. Kezia believes in a non-diet, sustainable approach, that allows for a healthy relationship with food without saying goodbye to wine, chocolate or pizza.

Kezia is passionate about helping women find the confidence to break the rules of conventional diets to get real food freedom: so they can lose the weight, stop struggling with shame and anxiety around what they eat, and finally step up and be the face of their business

She is a health coach who believes in finding realistic ways to look and feel better – because she understands that life happens and chocolate is delicious.

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Resources Mentioned in the Episode

Lose Weight without Losing Your Mind – Click here for a Free Mini Session with Kezia.

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