Welcome Josieologists!

That’s what I call the fabulous listeners of this podcast! Take a look around and settle in. There’s a lot of great stuff here!

Josie Dovidio is a woman with a curiosity to explore the human experience. With a passion to bring entertaining and informative content to your ears, Josie presents thought provoking questions and dialogue that inspires action, improves lives and impacts communities. Sometimes deep. Sometimes funny. Always entertaining.

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Thank you Josie for sharing such a wealth of information. I just listened to Surf Therapy and to hear the victories for kids who have never spoken a word to speaking while they are in the water made me cry. Can’t wait for the next episode to download!


I have been a listener from the start of the Josieology Podcast. I just finished How Technology Changed Humanity and want to say what an informative topic and a great speaker. I cannot wait for more episodes. I have shared your episode on sleep with a friend and totally want to volunteer at a Walk on Water event. Thanks for bringing great topics to your listeners ears and for the discussions that I have with others because of this podcast.


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